G's R/C Raceway ----------Welcome to G's R/C Raceway formerly known as Garland's R/C Car Land.----------

Mission Statement

Garland’s R/C Car Land was established in Hagerstown Maryland in June 2002. Our Hagerstown location had 2 tracks, an indoor onroad, and an outdoor onroad. The focus of the track and the store then and now are the customer. We mainly deal in R/C land vehicles, but we are not limited to the ground. Upon our departure from Hagerstown in March 2005 we purchased a property in Shippensburg Pennsylvania, where we are currently located. During the Summer of 2005 we worked hard to prepare our shop and track for our Grand Opening in October 2005. At first our intentions were to house the tracks in a 19,000 square foot steel building within the first year. Our plans were changed by unforeseen circumstances yet we proceed forward with our focus on the customer and developed our outdoor track to the best of our abilities. As time goes on we shall continue our goal of meeting the needs of our customer base at G’s R/C Raceway as much or greater than in the past.